An Ant Has No Quarrel With A Boot

Sarah. 16. Australia.
Writing. Music. Consumed by fandom.

Music is life and books smell great.

Supernatural. Sherlock. Doctor Who. Merlin. Harry Potter. Whedonverse. Pretty Little Liars. Avengers. The Hunger Games. Glee. Bandom. Etcetera.


I’M I’M                            I’M I’M              I’MI’M              I’M    I’MI’MI’MI’M

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I’M              I’M         I’M              I’M       I’M         I’M     I’M    I’M

I’M           I’M              I’M          I’M         I’M            I’M  I’M    I’M

I’M I’M                            I’M I’M              I’M              I’MI’M    I’MI’MI’MI’M

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I’m not ashamed of my scars.


I’m not ashamed of my scars.

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10: When you first log on, you aren't going to have a fucking clue what's going on. It's okay, one day, it will all click.
9: You probably will never be "Tumblr Famous". And that's okay. You'll probably get more out of Tumblr anyway. Be thankful for every one you have. Throw a GIF party when you reach 25. Don't worry about those who have 5000+
8: You may get Anon hate (you may not). Don't worry about it. Someone is insecure about themselves and they are hiding behind a grey face to do so. Be confident in yourself.
7: Let your blog be yours. Don't change it to get followers, or to make other's happy. Reblog porn, or post your face, or make sad text posts. Do it. Everyone does. (tag your trigger warnings though)
6: Tumblr is going to go down, and everyone will run to Twitter and complain. Don't be surprised. And you will probably just sit there, refreshing until it comes back. It's a fact of life.
5: Sarcasm is pretty much Tumblr's official language. Embrace it. Before you know it, you'll be speaking it too. (this can get you in trouble IRL)
4: If you have a problem with different people (i.e. People of a different race, gay people, transgender people) you might as well get off now. Or change your mind. But we don't put up with that shit.
3: Don't be afraid to make friends. Comment. Be annoying. Go into Tinychat rooms not meant for you. You will make friends. It may take a while. It's worth it.
2: These friends will stop being friends and start being a family. You'll text them when you're offline, and you'll have inside jokes. You are going to rely on these people. It's scary, but they need you too.
1: Your friends are going to have bad days. You are going to pull your hair out because you can't hug them, or give them ice cream. It's going to drive your crazy, but despite it all, you will somehow put how much they mean to you in words. It's going to be hard. And you're going to have these days too. But they're going to be there for you.


 what the fuck only 2 years and I am an adult how do you live on your own what if i forget to do my laundry or pay my bills how does insurance work what if i dont have enough money for food what if i forget where my house is

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we were talking about fifty shades of grey in english and i was all like i dont have a problem with people reading porn i have a problem with people reading awfully written porn and then i realised thats probably only a socially acceptable thing to say on the internet 

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